About my new book

Hey! I've written a book! What's so special about that, I hear you ask? Well, guess what? I can't speak, and I can't write or hold a pen. I couldn't even read a book if you put it in front of me. So why can't I do these things, and how on earth have I written a book? Well, I have Cerebral Palsy, which affects all my voluntary limbs. This means I am in a wheelchair, but I use a computer to communicate, using a switch behind my head. Think of a good looking Stephen Hawking and there I am! My brain is just like yours, I think for myself and order people around.

I love being involved in interesting and diverse projects. I have a radio show, I have created a CD of music, I do disability awareness presentations and I have even done stand up (or rather, sit down) comedy in front of as many as 800 people, live on stage! Gulp!

I like to make music with a good friend of mine Peter Blaker. He helped me make my CD mentioned above. Peter also runs a writing group for people who might sometimes be socially isolated, and I chat with him frequently on Facebook. He mentioned the writing group and I thought, hey, why not write my own book? So away I went and wrote one over four weeks.

I have never done anything like this before, so constructing full coherent sentences and making a story flow was an evolving process. I am having help write this out for you now. I really enjoyed writing over the 4 weeks - which I can tell you is quite hard work when you are using one head switch to construct the sentences. Each page could have taken me up to 2 hours. Anyway, the story just sort of came to me and evolved as the days progressed.

Once I had finished the book, Peter and myself came up with the idea of putting drawings to each page, which Peter has done enthusiastically. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.



Contact me

my email address is gojo@joseftucker.me.uk ............

  • A note from Peter

    'This is my pal, Josef. For a while now we have collaborated to make music, mischief and mayhem. Josef uses a switch, which he operates with his head, to communicate. He also uses his smile and his outsize personality.

    Josef is an amazing guy. He has his own radio show, he does presentations in schools, and he has undertaken all sorts of charity work.

    I worked alongside Josef to help him make music, using his head switch and lots of my own electronic gadgetry that he can work. We have busked together on the street to make money for the local radio station, and for the Musgrove Park maternity unit.

    Recently, Josef told me he would like to write a novel.He set about writing his novel, and you might be able to imagine how much work went into his finding and recording each word and each letter with a single switch. I agreed to illustrate it. Josef constructs language in a different way, and it makes for a refreshingly unique prose structure.

    I have never illustrated anything before, but there is just something about working alongside Josef that makes you feel you can try anything. Because he would, and it is one hundred times harder for him.

    In the end we had a children’s book like no other. The range of his imagination is incredible, his imagery is magical, surreal and hilarious. His characters, including Tom Eel and The Psychological Pirate, defy the boundaries of human creativity. It all appears completely bonkers, until you realise what a wonderful story he has crafted.

    Zebra Paul is a single parent, who happens to be a zebra. Pam Pig is an aging beauty, a once ravishing young pig. They live in a wonderful word occupied by an animal loving queen, a welsh choir, a pink genie and many other colourful characters. Will Pam Pig get on with Baby Zebra? Will she even survive her career as a taxi driver? Will there be a happy ending for Zebra Paul and Pam, or are they doomed to end their days in isolation?

    Josef decided to make our combined work into a book, a book like no other, that can be sold to raise money for the local food bank. Josef knows that Solitary Writers supported the food bank at every meeting, and he is sure that many of you will jump at the chance to pay £3 + £1 p&p for 12 glorious pages of utterly brilliant, witty prose, knowing that every penny of profit will go to help people who are hungry.'